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Get knives sharpened Get StartedMy mail-in knife sharpening service is fast, hassle-free, and affordable.

Get Your Knives Sharpened Now

Follow these simple steps to get your knives sharper than they’ve ever been:

  1. Download and complete my simple mail-in form.
  2. Prepare your package: Wrap your knives in several layers of newspaper or soft packing material. Pack them in a box with plenty of additional packing around them. USPS priority boxes work well and the cost of the box is included in the shipping.
  3. Insure your package for the value of your knives.
  4. Mail your package to 4034 N. Pittsburgh Avenue Chicago, IL 60634. Or drop off by appointment only.

All returns are shipped either USPS Priority Mail or UPS. Shipping and handling is $10.00 per order. Orders over $50.00 ship free.

I service the Chicago area specifically, but I can also service anywhere in the continental U.S.