Knife Maintenance Tips

kitchenknives 300x290 Knife Maintenance TipsAfter I’ve worked my magic on your knives, you can keep them razor-sharp for about six months between sharpenings with just a few basic maintenance steps:

1. Never cut on a surface that is harder than the blade.

This includes marble, dinner plates, glass cutting boards, etc. Wood and plastic are the safest surfaces.

2. Never use your knife for tasks for which it was not designed.

For example, don’t use a chef’s knife for cutting through bone, which will dull your knife substantially (use a cleaver instead).

3. Never run fine cutlery through a dishwasher or store it loose in a drawer.

Wash it by hand. Store it in a knife block, a wall-mounted knife holder, or place it in its original box.

4. Steel your knives on a regular basis after they have been sharpened to keep the edges aligned.

I recommend a good quality steel. Whatever kind of steel you have, if used regularly, the edges will last a long time.

Here is a useful steeling demonstration from Mr. Alton Brown from the Food Network. I prefer alternating each stroke on either side of the steel, but you’ll get the idea.