About Frank

frank surace2 About FrankHi, I’m Frank Surace, your Chicago pro knife sharpener.

I’ve been a machinist for 26 years, starting in the printing industry for Rockwell International, working with printing press prototypes.

Currently, in addition to professional knife sharpening, of course, I work in aviation doing mechanical maintenance and parts fabrication.

My professional knife sharpening service grew out of my obsession with sharpening tools at work, such as cutting tools and drill bits.

I started sharpening knives and tools by hand for friends. I then took it one step further by being personally mentored and certified by Murray Carter, a 17th-generation Yoshimoto bladesmith and custom knife maker who studied in Japan for 20 years.

I started getting a lot of feedback from family and friends about how sharp I made their knives, and my mail in knife sharpening business was born.

I’m obsessed with knife sharpening at home too, and am constantly touching up my own knives.

I was born and raised in Chicago. My beautiful wife, Paula, is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We have two boys, Harley and Dalton. We enjoy camping, fishing, and pretty much anything outdoors.